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written by rajaphillips, March 08, 2009 13:33:07

The reason why non Muslims respect Pas and hate Umno is because Pas leadershiphas principles and cannot be bought over while Umno has proven to consist of thieves. How to respect a thief?
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written by KM Wong, March 08, 2009 13:41:13

Proper governance of a state or country should not be mixed with religious governance. Religious values should be used to guide the state and country governance instead. After all all religions have admirable values and they are all consistent except for BN with their governance based on corruption, rampant theft of country's assets, barbaric treatment of those who go against them and to propagate their existence. Down with BN.
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written by rpremkumar2u, March 08, 2009 13:42:51

Islam as all religions worthy of respect has its roots in truth. However, what PAS interprets Islam as, has never intimidated the non_Muslims. Infact, history records Islam as a respecter who sanctioned freedom of religious practice, but historians have deliberately twisted and maligned this way of life. I am a non-Muslim but I tend to understand the wonderful similarity in this religion to that of the spiritual aspects of my own religious faith. I must give credit to this non-pretentious approach that Tuan Guru Nik Aziz has accorded to us non Muslims to understand and love Islam.
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written by michael chick, March 08, 2009 14:00:24

"Islamic Laws have never changed...."

Well, I beg to differ. Can anyone tell us with a straight face why no two Syariah Laws from any Muslim Country are identical?

Speak with facts, not emotion please...
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written by Oscar Winner, March 08, 2009 14:12:26

Tok Guru is a true muslim who treats all races as a single human race. He is fair and knowlegeable about Islam. Though there are a few who are fanatical, they are not hypocrites and can be brought back to the right path. On the other hand, XMNO goons are lunatic fringe who do nothing right except wrong, in the eye of Islam. Some of these XMNO goons would practise "Hadhari" --- ie. HAD pada waktu HARI siang, but at night they become monsters and do everything, while the rest of the goons commit sins day and night. PAS has not endeared non-muslims but also muslims. Kelantan is the best example.
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written by AzizKadir2u, March 08, 2009 14:25:14

PAS is PAS, it is different from Umno, big different. I used to listen and read the Main Stream Media, however, now after being visited Kelantan, and talk to the Kelantan folks, they are giving very good feedback about PAS, not that they are perfect, but rather, PAS is a principle based party, they are so much better with integrity, as compared to the normal Umno. There is a big different, they are following the priciple and look at them, they are less corruption in PAS, they are not perfect, but they are with integrity, which is predictable, very hard to find. Not like Umno, it is usuallly corruption and power, any which way that work, not priciple base. that is dangerous. Similarly, if people pay you money, you can cross over, that is just like prostitute, got money can go to bed, no need love. We must make sure Tok Guru, the way of life, their body language, their way of life that is different, samething, we can see how the Penang CM carry himself ? sit in a non-1st class airplane, dont spend so much money on the people.
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written by Oscar Winner, March 08, 2009 14:34:23

Correction : PAS has not endeared only non-muslims but also muslims
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written by timmy, March 08, 2009 14:44:27

When I was young, I anti-PAS, anti-DAP because I always followed the newspaper and TVs. They were labeled as anti-development, chaos-maker and the perception of that "they are stupid".

Things changed when I visited Kelantan once I had my own vehicle. I was so wrong. I thought the Chinese there hated PAS because they were no establishment. But all the coffee shops uncle and aunty said, "No place to gamble is actually a good place to save money." Then another uncle who is a carpenter said, "I migrated from Terengganu, it is so hard to get a license to do business, everything needs to pay kopi money, but here it is so different, I just walk into Nik Aziz house, I got everything approved."

PAS true to its principles has never alienated anyone in Kelantan. They ban the things that are supposed to be ban, liquor, gambling dents etc which the Chinese there eventually understand life is so much better without those things in mind.

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written by atan, March 08, 2009 14:47:55

Quran 2:213
Mankind was one single nation, and God sent Messenggers with glad tidings and warnings;and with them He sent the Book in truth,to judge between people in matters wherin they differed; but the people of the Book,after the clear Signs came to them, did not differ among themselves ,except through selfish contumacy.God by His Grace guided the Believers to the Truth, concerning that wherin they differed.For God guided him whom He will to a path that is straight.

As mention by Hadi " there are many school of thoughts in Islam". The Quran has never changed. But how one "thinks" the law shoul be to be applied may.
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written by CariJalan, March 08, 2009 14:50:37

As a Chinese, I am beginning to feel that Hadi Awang is Prime Minister stuff. He is definitely a more humble leader than any of the UMNO fellas who lives in gigantic mansions. True leaders are people who is out there to serve and not to be served. Just compare Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang and the opulent lifestyles of Ahmad Badawi and Najib. If for some reason that Anwar Ibrahim failed to make it as the Prime Minister, Hadi Awang is a good choice. I can trust this man. Yes, our perception of PAS has changed in recent times.
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written by CariJalan, March 08, 2009 14:56:00

As for the Obama thing, we can wait a few more rounds of GEs. It took America more than 2 centuries to effect that change. Non-Malays can be the Prime Minister of this country someday. For now, we must begin the process of burying UMNO and the spirit of strife and divisiveness it has bred. Exorcise these evil spirits, then there will be true peace and harmony in this country. What say you all?
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written by kota marudian, March 08, 2009 14:57:44

Pas is doing what a true political party should do. Working for the country and not themselves. I don't care what my MP is as long as he does his job. Even if he is green .

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written by PAKRAK, March 08, 2009 15:15:04

PAS since joining PR has always been consistent in their ideology. It is those UMNO goons who are envious of PAS being "partners in progress" with PKR and DAP that they just like to 'batu api' PAS to make them feel insecured in PR and also to make the PR supporters reject them. The PR supporters will always support all the coalition parties in PR through thick and thin.
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written by Angel, March 08, 2009 15:26:56

I also see PAS in a different light since PR took over and through RPK's articles. The lifestyles of the PAS leaders compared to UMNO also attests to the credibility of the party to work for the interests of the people rather than to enrich the leaders.

Should PAS rules the country I do believe corruption and the rich becoming richer will be minimised if not eradicated and if Hudud or syariah laws be implimented we will see many of our current leaders suffer the most. Ultimately the country will be a fairer and happier place to live in.
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written by miwaki, March 08, 2009 15:34:13

Only those who do not understand Islam would be fearful of PAS,in this world there is no religion which is bad if that religion can last for 1000 years.So it applies to UMNO as well.If UMNO can last for 1000 years,it is not a bad political party but can it last that long ?

Some people do not pray to God,they pray to money and that's why we are in great troubles.
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written by Fuminari, March 08, 2009 15:40:40

jus take a good look at tok guru nik aziz,which umno be end goon is comparable to him??
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written by asguard, March 08, 2009 16:04:56

PAS is hundred times better than Amneo or umno... they trust worthy, honesty, able to count on...
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written by InEffective, March 08, 2009 16:13:30

PAS supports many strong values that are also common and promoted by other religions.
So the baseline appeal is already there.

But PAS should be more inclusive if they want the mandate to govern non-muslims as well. And use common sense and human wisdom in actions, behavior, punishments, deterrents - sometime appropriate encouragement is better and more effective than coercion by rules and law.
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written by Saint, March 08, 2009 17:35:49

Islam as a religion is not the problem. PAS has people who fear God and His word. UMNO makes money and creates selfish power using the name God and His word. That is all the difference we are seeing after March 8. A bit more tolerance on the rights and believes of non Muslims will make PAS as one of the strongest political parties in Malaysia.

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written by born2reign, March 08, 2009 18:07:01

I don't see any principles in PAS that shows it has good governance. First PAS claims race politics are discriminating in Islam's eyes, and they will be fair to all races. Then in Kedah they recently give 50% quota for bumiputera house ownership. Just because Hadi claims to be against money does not mean he is fair.

PAS = Another UMNO with different clothes. (btw I'm anti-BN too)
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